Medcale Engineering Solutions

Medcale International´s other important division is Medcale Engineering, this division is specialised in industrial applications and solutions for renewable energy, waste elimination, water treatment, architecture, construction and other engineered technologies,

We have the industries highest and latest engineering technology in renewable energy, water treatment, and other areas, and due to our corporate team, experienced consultants, and global group venture partners with varied international experience, we are capable delivering the highest level of mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering.

Our main goal is to analyse and assess our clients real specific needs and requirements, and therefore bring forward tailor made, precisely & adequate, profit wise, and specially environmentally friendly technical industrial solutions for every need and market.


The commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment is a fundamental and strategic value in Medcale Engineering.

We Strongly Believe that in providing cleaner and more efficient technologies, we can work towards a brighter future, our main goal is to produce the cleanest energy, waste elimination  & energy from waste solutions, and also the most advanced water treatment technology available.

Our Solutions are not only good for the environment, another of our main goals is to implement profit wise solutions that save money to companies, industries and governments by helping them incorporate, update and change there existing & current industrial technology.

In Addition to this our full "Turnkey" service, and our total commitment to our clients allow us to establish short and long term working relationships.

Industrial Projects

We Develop and design all types of engineering projects, including high and low voltage electrical installations.

Our designs are based on a energy optimisation criteria and we have extensive experience executing all kinds of projects, some of them include: 

•   Waste management installations & Energy from waste 

•   Cogeneration & Trigeneration, Biomass & Pyrolysis technologies.

•   Wind energy and Photovoltaic power, Solar thermal technologies.

•   Efficient Building & Energy efficiency.

•   Isolated Energy facilities and installations for all types of requirements and needs.

•   Industrial registration certification

•   Environment friendly projects and licensing

Medcale Engineering Solutions Website

Medcale International has a dedicated Engineering website, please visit us there for detailed information on our areas of business, engineered technologies and other relevant information regarding the companies industrial division

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