Advanced Insect Killing Paint

Medcale® Biotechnological´s Advanced Insect Killing Paint is a revolutionary lifesaving and clinically approved insecticidal coating specifically developed to eradicate insect pests and thus restrict the diseases they carry. 

Simply apply to surfaces where insects fly or crawl and they will be affected quickly become paralysed and die within minutes.

Vector Borne Diseases

A Disease that is transmitted to humans or other animals by an insect or other arthropod is called a vector-borne disease. 

Vector-borne diseases and those with intermediate hosts are among the major causes of illness and death in many tropical and subtropical countries. Such diseases, which include malaria, Chagas, dengue, leishmaniasis, lymphatic filariasis and African trypanosomiasis, significantly impede economic and social development.

The Number of people who are affected by vector borne disease belies the imagination. For example 750 million people in 76 countries live in areas of endemic filiariasis, and an estimated 118 million are infected with filariae (WHO 1995). In India alone 50,000-100,000 die every year from visceral leishmaniasis.


The Most important protozoal disease infecting humans, occurs in areas where Anopheles mosquitoes are present, and causes some 300-500 million clinical cases and between 1,000,000 and 3,000,000 deaths per year. 

Approximately 7% of children who survive cerebral malaria (a severe form of the disease, characterized by coma and convulsions) are left with permanent neurological problems. These include weakness, spasticity, blindness, speech problems and epilepsy.

Pregnant Women and their unborn children are particularly vulnerable to malaria which is a major cause of perinatal mortality, low birth weight and maternal anaemia.

 Kills crawling and flying insects

 100% effective for up to 2 years once applied

 Safe to humans and animals including food areas

 Unique formulation that affects insects within seconds

 Non toxic, clear and odourless

 Made from 99.9% natural ingredients

Geografic distribuition of Malaria around the world

Worldwide Malario death 1990 - 2009

Medcale Insect Killing Paint can limit the spread of Disease

The use of an insecticide such as Medcale´s in a public health setting to limit the spread of disease is known as vector control. 

Vector control plays a key role in prevention and control of major vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and Chagas disease and often constitutes the first line of activity in case of epidemics of vector-borne diseases. 

Chemical control (use of pesticides) is still the most important element in the integrated approach to vector control.

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