Medical Device Asset Management System

Medcale® Biotechnological Medical Device Asset Management Systems adopt specific processes, such as Work Requests/Repairs, Scheduled Services / PPM, Equipment Library as well as tailored views of generic information such as Location hierarchies will be in-built and effective.

Each key subject area within the system is identified within collapsible panels on the left-hand side of the  screen. Within each panel there will the capability to Search, Create, Modify and Report on information related to the subject area (e.g., medical devices). 

Role-based: people work more effectively if they can focus on what they need to do; we will ensure that the “clutter” of the system is minimised for each specific type of user; that is, the system will automatically reconfigure the display of subject areas based on the role associated with user logged in. 

Flexibility: the need to allow user control of extending the system - user defined fields, report outputs, etc. 

Web Technology: 100% web-based, essential for ease of deployment and support. 

Integration: given the technology (MS ASP .Net /SQL Server) and the component- based approach to development then integration to other NHS or departmental systems is highly achievable.

Easy to Use - Fully Integrated - Core Funcionality...

Integrated Core Functionality



     •   Device Register 

     •   Maintenance Contracts 

     •   Work Requests / Repairs 

     •   Scheduled Services (e.g. PPM) 

     •   Spares / Stock Control

     •   Equipment Library 

    •   Staff Training Records 

    •   Reports 

    •   Help Desk 

    •   Administration

    •   System Audit 

    •   Document Management 

     •   Security 

     •   Teams / Technicians 

     •   Customer locations 

     •   Third Parties

British NHS N3 Compliance for Remote Access

Medcale® Systems also include the following features:

•   AdHoc Reporting (via MS SQL 2008 ‘Report Builder’ and ODBC Compliant Database Tools)

•   User Customisation of Screens 

•   Legacy Systems Database Migration incorporating full data conversion 

•   Microsoft Office integration 

•   Extensive Data Export Capability to MS Office, PDF, XML, etc. 

•   UMD/GMD and Other Nomenclature Standards Ready 

•   Support for Bar-coding 

•   Technology Integration: PDA, RFID, Wireless capable 

•   MHRA and Manufacturer Notices 

•   NHSLA Compliance 

•   Risk-based Management 

•   Integration to Other Operational Systems

Ongoing system enhancements to improve operational processing and information distribution.

Device Register can be utilised for Medical & other Equipment...

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