Oxygen Industry

Oxygen is a vital gas, absolutely indispensable in industries like healthcare and industrial installations, Hospital consume oxygen on a intense daily basis, other important and necessary uses are in Fire departments, ambulances & emergency transport, and in industries like aquaculture, welding, oxycutting (flame cut) and other industrial applications.

One of the main problems of having to use oxygen on a daily industrial basis apart from it´s cost, is that it´s principally mainly supplied from only a few companies on the market. 

Traditional Oxygen Delivery

Oxygen is mainly delivered in two ways, Cylinders or Tanks.

  • Oxygen Cylinders:  Special attention must be payed to these cylinders, and the must be changed when empty and finished. Another problem with this method is that the price of this o2 is strongly affected by the transport cost´s and delivery time, logistics are crucial.

  • Oxygen Tank:  More accessible and comfortable than the cylinder method, o2 is supplied by a truck, and from there it´s passed to the facilities Oxygen tank, nevertheless this method still depends on proper logistics, transport cost, and necessary space for a o2 tank.

One of the largest problems encountered with any of these two options are that if the country or clients infrastructures are not appropriate in terms of distance between consumer and producer, or adequate logistics, it´s very difficult or even impossible maintain a correct supply, not to mention high logistical delivery costs.

* Photos below show traditional and current oxygen methods, transport and use.

Medcale Advanced Oxygen Technology

The following are just some of our products Quick fact´s:

EXCLUSIVE  -  patent technology

PRODUCTION  -  Our Medical Equipment is capable of Producing Oxygen for medical and industrial use

SELF SUFFICIENCY - Our o2 generator can supply 100% of any hospitals needs, totally self-sufficient system.

SCALABLE  -  Totally Scalable system, to fulfill any future extension or larger capacity.

ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM  -  Fully adjustable system to meet end user´s requirements & needs.

CONTINUOS SUPPLY  - Guaranteed Oxygen deposit, fillable oxygen cylinders assuring a continuos and emergency deposit in case of electrical failure.

EXTREMELY PROFITABLE  - cost effective solution, producing large savings to any Healthcare and industrial facility 

FULLY CERTIFIED  -  Full EU légal requirements, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, Directive 93/42/EEC and 2 year guarantee

Elements of a Oxygen Plant

Our oxygen technology modules can be adapted to certain working spaces, and can be specially delivered in a customised fully working container, this option is totally equipped with all the necessary features and machinery ready to function and go.

  •    1.  Air Compresor
  •    2.  Small Air Tank (Oxygen Lung)
  •    3.  Oxygen Generator
  •    4.  Small o2 Tank (Oxygen Lung) 
  •    5.  Oxygen Compresor
  •    6.  Optional: Cylinders
  •    7.  Optional: Mediccal air
  •    8.  Optional Vacuum system

Why inside a container?

  • Fully Equiped - The fully equipped oxygen plant leaves the factory with all the functional tests done 
  • Shipping - Our container is suitable for shipping and delivery. 
  • Locations - Can be transported to remote locations. 
  • Installation - Discreet installation, no noise, dust or hassle for patients during installation.
  • Plug-in & Go - Simply plug-in and go, immediate oxygen delivery.

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