Medcale International

Medcale® International is a company that specialises in Engineering, Healthcare & Biotechnological industry leading products & services, strategic consulting, architecture and construction for the professional, healthcare, medical & Industrial field.

We are interested in people, global issues, basic necessities & deficiencies and specially new challenges in areas like healthcare, sustainable energy generation and adequate water supply, that´s one of the reasons why our corporate culture is customer oriented, assuring excellent quality high grade solutions , turnkey projects & installations, and world class leading biotech, medical, and engineered products, for a more sustainable environment, a more accessible global healthcare & medical provision, and overall a brighter future for our next generations.

Medcale® International has two main divisions, which are Biotechnology & Healthcare, and Engineering.

Medcale Biotechnological

Medcale® Biotechnological has various areas, which comprise of, distribution, labeling, product design, packaging & manufacturing of biotechnological and medical leading products.

Strategic consulting for medical and healthcare fields, in which we are capable of delivering full `turnkey´ projects like hospital and healthcare facility commissioning, architecture & construction, medical emergency transport services, recyclable energy and state of the art technology for healthcare, project consulting, IT Solutions, marketing, business management & human resources.

Medcale Engineering

The companies other division is Medcale® Engineering, this division is specialised in industrial applications and solutions for renewable energy, waste elimination, water treatment, architecture, construction and other engineered technologies, 

As in our other division, Medcale® Engineering delivers and launches full `turnkey´ projects, as, fully functioning industrial installations, integrated services with the highest degree of mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering, architecture, construction, technical and financial consulting, to assure the best and most profitable working solution for any area or specific need.

We work internationally, adapting strategic, technical & financial consulting, to fit our clients needs and interest with the best working solutions available...  Anywhere in the World

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