Corporate Vision

In a Competitive and fast changing world with constant global business opportunities and necessities, our corporate vision is to lead & provide our markets with the highest degree of innovative, market changing products and solutions. 

Thats why at Medcale® International we are passionate about our business, we strive day in, day out to combine performance, quality and sustainable development in all our areas. 

Our main interest´s are in Healthcare & Engineering, thats why we strongly believe that in order to achieve a better & brighter future for our present & next generations we must build on a more efficient present, integrating and bringing together a more accessible and cost effective healthcare, energy and water supply to areas, governments and private investors.

We strive to develop cleaner, more efficient and environmental friendly installations , integrating the cleanest & most modern technologies available, functioning strategic consulting & profit wise projects and installations. 

We are devoted to the ongoing search for specific and personalised solutions for each project, that why one of our main goal´s, is to advise and assess our clients with real working products & solutions and adapting them to there real & actual needs.

Corporate Values

•  COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE - Medcale® International is the combined sum of Healthcare + Engineering + Manufacturing + Assembly. Medcale® International provides you with a comprehensive “Turnkey” service.

•  CUSTOMER ORIENTATION - Derived from this vocation for service is the establishment of satisfactory short-term and long-term relations with our customers.

•  COMMITMENT WITH RESULTS -  Preparing strategies, Setting collective and individual goals and carrying out actions to achieve those goals.

•  EXPERIENCE - In the development of quality installations services and machinery which incorporates the main technological advances. Continuous improvement and capacity in providing specific solutions for each project to achieve the most effective and efficient result.

•  INTEGRITY - Medcale® International´s corporate team conduct themselves ethically with clarity, sincerity, honesty, all of this contributing to the trust and respect our clients value in our company.

At Medcale® International we are passionate about our business, we strive day in, day out to combine performance, quality and sustainable development...  In all our areas...

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